Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Review of It Works defining gel (How to get rid of cellulite)

Ok so I know everyone knows about the body applicators (wraps) and how they get rid of nasty cellulite, stretch marks, love handles and fat deposits! well let me introduce you to the Defining Gel.

So for all you ladies looking to do liposuction, tummy tucks, lasers, thermage and all those new and scary treatments on the market. Please wait and try this first. yes most of these surgeries work but IT WORKS works too.
This is from a combination of 3 wraps done 1 week apart over a 3 week period and defining gel used daily.
with just these products our client achieved these results as well as a 5lb loss with no dieting or exercise.

The defining gel is such a great add on with the wraps and can be used by iteself daily. 
Since the defining gel has much of the same ingredients as the wraps it works in the same fashion and gives your a smoother silloutte. The gel works to tighten and smooth skin and fat deposits getting rid of even severe cellulite, loose skin, stretch marks and tightening the area.

This is with daily use of the defining gel after just 1 week!

I LOVE the body wraps Truly and this is why I LOOOOOVE the defining gel when used with the body wraps. I feel like all of my clients get plastic surgery results at such a cheap price and its not just a temporary swelling that if you stop using the lotion POOF cellulite. it stays! this is flushing fat deposits from their cells and shrinking fat cells completely. 

These are enlarged fat cells causing your cellulite. We can flush out these toxins in just 45 mins with our body wraps and defining gel! 

goodbye cellulite! HELLO beach bod!
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[products reviewed - Ultimate body applicators & Defining gel, Customer from picture 1 also use fat fighters (available from It Works)]


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